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Daniel C. Snell, B.A. (Stanford, 1971) Ph.D. (Yale, 1975) is emeritus professor of History at the University of Oklahoma, where he taught from 1983 through 2017, specializing in the history of the Middle East. He has published and edited numerous books and writes on the history of religions, societies, and slavery, and has a popular textbook teaching the cuneiform writing system. 

For several years he was a Court Appointed Special Advocate for kids in foster care. Now he is president of the local chapter of Parents Helping Parents, an addiction information organization.

Dr. Snell has served on the board of Norman Public Schools since 1997, when his kids were at Lincoln Elementary. He was president of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association in 2012-2013. 

Dr. Katie Barwick-Snell is retired from OU’s Human Relations Department. Together, they have a geriatric dog and a very skittish cat, all of whom live together in an old house in central Norman.

And About the Kids

Dan and Katie have two children: James and Abigail. Their son, James Barwick-Snell, graduated from Norman High in 2008 and took degrees from the Louisiana State University. He works in Baton Rouge as a data analyst for a mortgage brokerage.

Their daughter, Abigail Klumpenhouwer, Norman High 2009, Vanguard College (Edmonton, Alberta) 2014, married Andrew, a Canadian who is getting a theology degree from McMaster University. She works as a barista at a “third wave” coffee shop, he is a youth and children’s pastor at a church; they are in the process of adopting Myla, aged three, who is Native Canadian, or, as they say up North, First Nations.


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