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I confidently recommend   Dan Snell for re-election of school board candidate office 2.  He has made great strides in this position. Some of his accomplishments include  Championing the transparency of financial reporting, including timely reception of annual audit reports,  Maintaining professional development center when the state eliminated funding, and now advancing its new location at the Nancy O’Brien Center Lobbying our state legislature for adequate funding, opposing vouchers, similarly for Congress, especially emphasizing full funding for Special Education and for continuing impact aid  Moving Dimensions Academy from state-owned quarters to NPS’s new building, supporting alternative education program when the state cut funding for it.  I believe he will put our students first and strive to find common ground with other board members as a team player. 

Chemise Stancle

Dan Snell is an exemplary school board member who cares about all the kids in Norman. He is an active supporter of the arts in schools, as well as an enthusiastic patron of the arts. His decisions are always thoughtful and, most importantly, derived from kindness. I will vote for him April 5, and I hope many others will too.

Adrienne Day Norman resident, art teacher, Blanchard Public Schools

Teaching experience is surely desirable for School Board members. But how much, you might ask? A couple of years at two different schools for Dan’s worthy opponent or Dan Snell’s four decades of teaching while still finding time to spend with the kiddos in addition to his 25 years of service on Norman’s School Board. And he continues to teach as well as take courses at Osher Lifelong Learning at OU.

Bette Mafucci Former City Council member and business owner

As a professional educator I know how important it is to be surrounded by thoughtful, respectful, knowledgeable leaders and decision-makers. I trust Dan Snell to make the right decisions for students, teachers, parents and our community. Please re-elect Dan, in turbulent times we need strong, decisive and experienced leadership.

Lisa Pryor Professional Educator

    Norman Strong

    We can all agree that having strong schools helps ensure strong futures for our kids and for our community.

    Learn more about what Dan has been working on to make these futures a reality.

    About Dan

    Dan and Katie are lifelong educators and lifelong learners. 

    Read more about their family and the numerous issues that drive this couple to teach, to volunteer, and to serve their community.

    "It is a tremendous honor to serve on the Norman Board of Education. There is so much more I want to do to improve our schools and I hope you will give me your trust, your input, and your vote."

    Dr. Dan Snell

      Let's Keep Dan!


      Dan has served in public education at all levels. He has the broadest possible understanding of the needs of our schools.


      Dan doesn't "sit" on the school board. He shows up in schools, volunteers in classrooms, and takes the time to listen.


      Norman Public Schools are the best in the state and Dan is driven to build on the successes of the past years.